The One Story: the Bible from beginning to Neverending!

The One Story is the story of the Bible, the whole story, the story of it all! Not of all that is, but of all that matters, into which all that is fits. You fit, so you have a role to play. What role? It depends! Can you follow directions and stick to a script? Are you interested in a leading role, looking to be a bit player, or intending to be a no-show? Your storyline won’t change the storyline, but will determine how the story will end for you.

The One Story is about you. It’s a “This Is Your Life!” story—how we all went wrong and how God is making us right. If you miss finding yourself in the story, you’ll miss the point of the story. God didn’t tell the story for His sake, but for ours, to be life-challenging, life-changing, and ultimately life-fulfilling—the way to fill life full of meaning.

The One Story is a true story. Place your utmost confidence in The One Story because its Creator, Writer and Director—it’s Star—is the One True God. It’s the only authorized story. The script of The One Story isn’t shelved under self-help or how-to. It’s not a feel-good romance or a who-done-it mystery. The One Story is rock-solid history—about people just like you, facing challenges just like you, making decisions just like you, and living with their inevitable consequences just like you. The script is the all-time best-seller—the Bible!

The One Story not only reads true on paper, it also rings true in your heart—not surprising since the One who wrote The One Story loves you. The One Story is a human-interest story about humanity’s journey through life. That includes you! It’s an adventure story rollicking through dizzying twists and turns until God finds what He’s looking for. That would be you! It’s a dramatic story since it’s not clear how it will turn out for anyone in The One Story, including you. It’s a love story for in it God seeks, saves and eternally befriends unlovable people, just like you. It’s a riches-to rags-to riches story, about orphans becoming the children of God, perhaps about an orphan just like you?

Series Schedule

Season 1: From One Beginning to Another
Season 2: From The Promise to A Great Nation
Season 3: From a Great Nation to Jesus Christ
Season 4: From Jesus Christ to His Glorious Return
Season 5: From His Glorious Return to Neverending Glory