The Bible from Beginning to Neverending!

Beginning in glory and neverending in greater glory. Answering the big (and small) questions of life. Twisting, turning and triumphing in startling ways. It’s The One Story! The Bible is the script. “The heavens and the earth” is the stage. And God is the Star. You’re in it too. So, come find yourself in The One Story! Follow The One Story over 5 Seasons, each with weekly episodes. If you must miss a week, handouts of past episodes will be available in the overlook area and church library, or by downloading them from the episode page.

Season One: From One Beginning to Another
October 15th - November 19th

Season One Lineup

Series Preview

Episode One - Good

Episode Two - Very Good!

Episode Three - Very Bad

Episode Four - The Worst

Episode Five - The Best

Season Two: From The Promise to a Great Nation
January 7th - March 25th

Season Two Lineup

Episode One: The Nation's Founding Father

Episode Two - The Nation's Providential Protection

Episode Three - The Nation's Theocratic Leader

Episode Four - The Nation's Defining Holy-days

Episode 5 - The Nation's God-given Culture

Episode 6 - The Nation's Besetting Sin

Episode 7 - The Nation's Watershed Battles

Episode 8 - The Nation's Philandering Ways

Episode 9 - The Nation's Leadership Crisis

Episode 10 - The Nation's Shepherd King

Episode 11 - The Great Nation

Episode 12 - Selah! Wisdom for the Ages